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Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Podcast: ACC Coastal Division 2021 Football Season Preview

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Hey, we don’t know much about these teams...


With the 2021 college football season just weeks away, we’re wrapping up the offseason with our in-depth ACC previews before a full episode on the Syracuse Orange’s upcoming season. Last week was the Atlantic Division. This week is the largely-unknown-to-us Coastal.

Among the specifics of this episode:

  • Appropriate expectations on Quadir Copeland’s commitment
  • Who do we trust more between North Carolina and Miami?
  • Is Landon Morris’s departure indicative of some greater issues with SU’s offense?
  • Kenny Pickett can’t lead Pitt to eight wins on his own (but also may not need to)
  • Is the bottom dropping out for Duke? Or has it already?
  • Virginia’s defensive issues
  • The Hokies’ Justin Fuente is firmly on the hot seat and 6-6 probably won’t be enough
  • Georgia Tech may be on the upswing, but the schedule does them no favors
  • Want more beer?: Follow John and Dan on Untappd

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