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Is consistently good really what Syracuse Orange fans want?

Do fans want to be good enough or will they trade some lean years for great ones?

NCAA Football: Clemson at Syracuse Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

From the moment he arrived as Head Coach of the Syracuse Orange, Dino Babers has preached that he wanted his program to be “consistently good, not occasionally great”. As he enters his 6th season are fans really going to be happy with a program that wins six games over a series of years or would they rather take the 2016-2019 years which featured losing seasons with upset wins leading up a 10-win thrill ride? (We’ve all agreed last year doesn’t count for anyone right? Right!)

This isn’t a piece to say that 2018 gives Babers a lifetime pass of underwhelming seasons but rather to pose the question to you. It’s something John was discussing on Twitter early in the week so we thought we’d bring it to you the readers (while he’s away which is convenient)

So which is it: Are you looking for “End of the Coach P era” seasons of getting a bowl bid but suffering some disasters along the way? I was there and it sure didn’t seem like fans then were happy, but boy would some of us love to have that problem today.

Would you go for it if the CFB Time Keepers offered you a timeline where Syracuse made bowl games in half their seasons but along they way you’d get some 8-10 win seasons mixed in to buffer the 3 and 4 win campaigns?

NCAA Football: Camping World Bowl-West Virginia vs Syracuse Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

It’s not only the Orange who suffer from the memories of football days of old. Do you think it’s a lot of fun to be the Pittsburgh Panthers who have 16 bowl appearances since 2000 but only three seasons with a final AP Top 25 ranking in that time? Boston College Eagles fans enjoyed a three-year stretch of 10, 11, and 9 wins then after a decade of mediocrity finally decided that maybe there was better football after Steve Addazio. Have they made the right choice? Time will tell but at least they have something that all fans crave- Hope.

As I write this I don’t have a sense of the direction you’ll lean. If you ask Syracuse Basketball fans, many seem to take pleasure in pointing out that the Orange haven’t had a sub-500 season under Jim Boeheim. It seems to carry more pride than programs which rocket to success then crash back to reality.

Do Syracuse Football fans crave the satisfaction of knowing that bowl games will come but the Orange won’t be ranked or talked about much or do they want to close their eyes and see where the ride takes them from September- December each year?

Well the choice is yours so let us know which path you’d prefer