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TBT: Join TNIAAM’s Bracket Challenge while cheering on Boeheim’s Army

And win some Boeheim’s Army-related prizes, too!

Boeheim’s Army guard Eric Devendorf

The 2021 edition of The Basketball Tournament (TBT) is just over a week away, as you’re certainly aware. And while we’re most concerned with how Boehiem’s Army fares, there are other squads playing in this event beyond the team of mostly Syracuse Orange men’s basketball alums.

One way to learn a bit more about the field? Entering our TBT Bracket Challenge, where you can win Boeheim’s Army-specific prizes, along with being entered into TBT’s larger contest as well. This year, we’re working directly with TBT to give the winner of our contest a Boeheim’s Army t-shirt (men’s version pictured below, but there’s a women’s fit as well), along with new Puma sneakers.

So enter the contest for your chance to win, or at the very least, take it as an opportunity to brag to your fellow TNIAAM members about your superior TBT bracket knowledge when the event’s all said and done.

Before you enter, do check out the full list of rules as well. Most notably, you must be 18 or older to enter the contest. Also, you have to be a member of TNIAAM to enter — so for any long-time lurkers that have yet to create a username, consider this your motivation.

Good luck, and go Boeheim’s Army.