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Syracuse football over/unders, prop bets for 2021

Don’t follow this gambling advice, which is not advice at all and rather, just a collection of assessments.

NCAA Football: Syracuse at Pittsburgh Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

With the 2021 college football season rapidly approaching, we’re starting to see more details around how to bet on the Syracuse Orange — and other teams as well. Of particular interest to some here? SportsBettingDime’s over/unders and prop bets around SU for this year.

The site sent over a full list of Syracuse-related bets on Thursday, so we took a look at them from a logical standpoint. This is not betting advice, so do with these assessments what you will.

Over/Under Wins: 3.0

I used to trot out an adage around here that Syracuse loses four and wins four every year, and the season’s decided by what happens in the middle. But two of the last three seasons have proven me dead wrong there, in either direction. There’s one “sure” win this year in Albany, an a likely one vs. Ohio. After that, it’s anyone’s guess, so this over/under certainly takes that into account while also playing into the inherent optimism some Orange fans may have about this year.

Odds to Win the Conference: +90000

Nope. Clemson still exists.

Odds to play in the ACC Championship game: +25000

Clemson’s the best team in the league and Syracuse would have to beat them to get to the championship game.

Heisman odds for Tommy Devito: +85000

It’s telling that DeVito’s Heisman odds are only slightly better than Syracuse’s chances to win the conference. I’d give better Heisman odds to both Sean Tucker and Taj Harris, to be honest. Speaking of...

Sean Tucker Over/Under Rushing Yards: 875.5

This is a tough one. Tucker ran for 626 yards without playing a true full season, with no offensive scheme and a Swiss cheese line. So it’s tempting to say he goes over. At the same time, this is a crowded backfield, and Jerome Smith was the last Syracuse running back to rush for more than 875.5 yards back in 2013.

Taj Harris Over/Under Receiving Yards: 822.5

Harris had the highest receiving yardage total of his career last year, with 733, despite the aforementioned line and play-calling issues, plus a revolving door at quarterback, plus missing a game, plus one fewer game in general since SU only had 11 last year. Moving him into the slot could mean fewer chances to rack up yards after the catch. But he should also have more opportunities to catch the football. Do with this what you will.

Tommy Devito Over/Under Passing Yards: 1,985.5

DeVito threw for 2,360 in 11 starts back in 2019, but just 593 in four last year. I think DeVito starts the season under center for the Orange, but you’re sort of taking a big swing here with the over, I’d think.

Tommy Devito Over/Under Passing TDs: 16.5

Same is true here, since we don’t know how long DeVito will be the starter — either due to level of play or health. He’s thrown 27 touchdowns in his Syracuse career, and 19 of those came in 2019 despite running for his life all the time.


Again, not gambling advice. Just having some fun above. If you feel strongly about any of these (or don’t), feel free to share your own thoughts below.