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Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Podcast: Conference realignment-palooza

A topic we didn’t expect to be diving into this summer is now the only thing we’re expected to discuss.


Of course you heard about the conference realignment nonsense that started last week, and continued into this one. Oklahoma and Texas are heading to the SEC, and that puts us right back in the storm of expansion talks, rumors flying everywhere and perhaps even some dread (though not nearly as much as Syracuse fans felt the last time around).

Among the other specifics of this episode:

  • The ACC can’t do anything until Notre Dame makes a decision
  • Yes, West Virginia’s the obvious choice for the conference, but what about... USC?
  • How yet another round of realignment keeps severing college football’s collective culture
  • What if the Big Ten winds up with Nebraska, Maryland, Rutgers, Kansas and K-State?
  • Options available for the Big 12’s remaining teams
  • Tier three rights could be an option to grow ACC revenues
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