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Syracuse guard Buddy Boeheim has become one of the most marketed college athletes

In the nascent NIL era of college sports, Buddy Boeheim has quickly ascended to one of the most popular college athletes for endorsement deals.

Syracuse v Houston Photo by Ben Solomon/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

Following the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to allow college athletes to profit from their name, image and likeness (NIL) beginning on July 1, an influx of major brands looked to make headway and ink college stars to endorse their products. Much progress has already been made as college athletes started signing deals at the beginning of the month.

Add Buddy Boeheim to the mix of players benefiting from the windfall as the Syracuse Orange men’s basketball shooting guard is now the first to be featured in a traditional advertising campaign.

The serial three-point marksman has signed a new deal with Three Wishes Cereal.

Former Syracuse student Ian Wishingrad, along with his wife, Margaret Wishingrad, looked to partner with Boeheim in the campaign once NIL was passed. As an undergrad, Wishingrad was the originator of the Don’te Leave t-shirts back when Donte Greene was considering leaving Syracuse for the NBA back in 2008. He had previously worked with Juli Boeheim.

“This spot is full circle for me,” Wishingrad told Adweek. “Back when I was a senior at Syracuse, I created a line of t-shirts based on a student athlete’s name as a pun and was sent a cease and desist from the university based on these NIL laws. I was petrified, but ended up using it in my book to land my first agency job. Right when we heard the ban was lifted for NCAA athletes, I knew I had to get back up to Syracuse for a shoot. Buddy couldn’t have been a better partner for this, and we’re excited to see the spot go live.”

Boeheim’s rise in popularity isn’t all that surprising. His moniker “Buddy Buckets” became widespread as he led Syracuse to the Sweet 16 in the 2021 NCAA Tournament. He and Jim Boeheim became a national story in the week leading up to the Sweet 16.

Boeheim has also partnered with local sports nutrition company Enduraphin. He became the first to sell his own apparel, through The Player’s Trunk, and utilize his school’s logo. It’s worth mention that all the companies Boeheim has partnered with thus far share a local connection or a Syracuse University tie.

Boeheim is also on Cameo. He’s donating all proceeds to the Make-A-Wish foundation through Friday.

As for Three Wishes deal, the cereal brand will manufacture a “Buddy Box” with Boeheim’s image. The size of the deal is unknown, but it’s been reported that Boeheim is being paid in both cash and revenue share.

Three Wishes is either really good at picking random numbers or in on the #BRAND play. In the ad, Boeheim facetiously mispronounces the cereal name but gets it correct on the 44th try.

DOCTOR Gross still approves.