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TNIAAM recommends: Which books are you reading right now?

“Take a look, it’s in a book...”

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Library In Reading Pennsylvania Stops Charging Fines Photo by Ben Hasty/MediaNews Group/Reading Eagle via Getty Images

Welcome back to a space where we don’t necessarily talk about Syracuse Orange sports, but instead, discuss what we’re doing without Syracuse sports on at all. Perhaps with the extra time on your hands lately, you’ve been spending more time with your family and/or spending more time outside. But if not, we’re here with recommendations.

During some Fridays this summer, the TNIAAM crew will come together to recommend things for you to enjoy — and you can choose to ignore those if you wish. First up this year: Which books are you reading right now?

John: “Hit Makers” by Derek Thompson

This is far from the first “I’ve got the secret to this” book, but I’d argue it’s a far more interesting read than the sort of anecdotal preponderances that figurehead of that genre, Malcolm Gladwell, has put out. In “Hit Makers,” Thompson looks at what drives popularity, viral moments and buying decisions and relates it to a lot of things you’re well familiar with. You may even find some clues as to why you continue to root for the Orange in there. Admittedly, I may be more predisposed to enjoying this sort of book because of my line of work(s). But I don’t think you need a communications background to be intrigued.

Kevin: “Off-Mike” by Doc Emrick and Kevin Allen

I’m wrapped up in Stanley Cup Playoffs fever right now as my Habs make their longest run in forever and I do miss that Mike “Doc” Emrick’s not on the call. This book takes you through his journey to becoming the voice of the NHL and it’s a nice look at the relationships he built with on-air partners Bill Clement and Eddie Olczyk. Above all though it’s the story of Doc and his wife Joyce and the challenge of chasing a career in sports without losing out on relationships and what truly matters.

Steve: “Breakfast with Einstein” by Chad Orzel and “Priest” by Matthew Colville

Two diametrically opposed offerings. A book on translating theoretical physics into the every day occurrences around you and the start of a fantasy series. That’s what I’ve been reading. Orzel, who happens to also be my old physics professor at Union, has a way with taking concepts of quantum physics that start past where you are thinking and explains how they apply to things you do on the daily. Priest is just a really good world building novel that I’ve been reading and seemed like a good plug.


What are you reading right now? Share your own selections below.