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Elton John’s greatest songs about Syracuse Orange athletics

Does this mean Elton gets a banner now too?

Syndication: Louisville Courier Journal archive photo

With news that Syracuse University will host Elton John at the Carrier Dome/Stadium/House That Billy Joel Built on September 10, 2022 we fired up the #jokesandgarbage machine. Our task to take some of Elton’s greatest hits and make them more suitable for the Syracuse Orange so let’s get right to it shall we.

“Saturday Noon’s Alright for Football”- Doesn’t matter what time the games start if they end with a Syracuse victory then fans won’t be upset if they need to have breakfast sammies on the tailgate menu.

“Benny and the J’s”- Syracuse MBB welcomes highly-regarded recruit Benny Williams and supports him with Jackson, Joseph, Jesse, and James with James Arthur orchestrating from the sidelines. Bonus points if SU plays this after big Benny baskets next year

“Q’s Still Standing”- Coach Q watched a mass exodus from his program but he hit the transfer portal and welcomes another stellar recruiting class for the Orange women’s basketball squad. He’s also the most likely Syracuse HC to refer to themselves in the third person

“Can You Feel the Love Tonight”- Gary Gait and Dave Petramala together on the same sideline? If that doesn’t get you emotional you’d better tug on your strings a bit harder.

“Rocket Man”- The Tokyo Olympics are coming up and Justyn Knight just turned in the 2nd fastest 5k time by a North American and I think it’s gonna be a long, long time until Syracuse produces a runner who is that accomplished on the world stage.

“Don’t Go Breaking My Records”- Women’s Lacrosse legend Kayla Treanor returns to Syracuse to take over as Head Coach and with some major players coming back in 21-22 there’s going to be a lot of movement in the record books many of which have Kayla’s name on them. Will it be awkward for Orange players to be knocking their new Head Coach down a couple of spots?

Stony Brook v Syracuse Photo by Rich Barnes/Getty Images

“Goodbye Blue Devil K”- Shame the concert is over a year away because what better way to send off Coach K in his final season then to be serenaded by Sir Elton? Well it would obviously be better to send him off with a loss but you know what we mean.

Ok those are our suggestions, now we turn it over to you. Let us know what you’ve got in the comments.