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Syracuse men’s basketball rewatch: Come hang with TNIAAM as we revisit classic games

We’ll be reviewing vintage Syracuse games because we’ve reached peak offseason content.

BYU v Syracuse Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

Ladies and gents, as COVID-19 concerns continue to wane across the country with more and more folks getting vaccinated, optimism is abound and many have started to resume their preferred pre-pandemic activities. Much of that includes traveling and being engaged with all-around outdoorsy type activities as we attempt to decrease screen-time and restore a sense of balance in our lives. In other words, it’s about damn time we all got out of the house (safely) and logged off the internet.

All of this to say, it feels like an awful time to be hanging out on the world wide web and talking about college basketball in the midst of June. But just in case you’re craving Syracuse Orange men’s basketball coverage or just plain bored during the summer doldrums, come hang with TNIAAM as we rewatch vintage Syracuse games.

Over the course of the summer — with TBT sandwiched in between — we’ll revisit classic Syracuse games. We’ll do recaps as if the game were live (sort of a “what if TNIAAM was around during this game?” time hop) and then follow up with a revisionist piece with various observations from a present day vantage.

For those that want to get a jump start, here’s the first game we’ll be rewatching with coverage beginning on Wednesday:

H/T to the YouTube community and user James Powers for this one.

Excited about this? Couldn’t give a darn? Feel free to join in on the discussion below and if any of this is unclear don’t hesitate to ask a question or two.