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Boeheim’s Army: Into the TBT-Verse

Sports and Marvel together? What a concept!

Boeheim’s Army guard Eric Devendorf

If there’s one thing we embrace around here, it’s when we can combine Syracuse Orange sports with Marvel Comics. So when it was announced that Boeheim’s Army was returning to this year’s TBT it sparked an idea.

What would happen if there was a TBT Multi-Verse and in those alternate TBT events there were unusual versions of the Boeheims Army squad? Let’s dive in the TBT-Verse and find out.

We first find ourselves at the opening round game for Boeheim’s Navy. Kaleb Joseph was getting the play call from Coach Anthony Harris and directing Taurean Thompson to screen for Richard Manning as Matthew Moyer and Rock Lloyd set up beyond the arc.

Our trip to alternate dimensions brought us next to see Boeheim’s Air Force where Shaun Belbey was guiding his squad of Brandon Reese, Nick Resavy, Matt Tomaszewski, Matt Lyde-Cajuste and Braedon Beyer. Their game plan seemed a bit unusual as whoever brought the ball up seemed to always take the shot.

Syracuse vs Eastern Michigan Photo by Nate Shron/Getty Images

Boeheim’s Marines featured Keith Smart as their coach and a small-ball lineup of Carl Krauser, Quincy Douby, Aaron Craft and TJ Sorrentine surrounding Jeff Adrien in the middle. We don’t know what happened in that game because seeing those guys in orange and white jerseys got us hitting the portal as fast as we could and we came out at a strange place where Boeheim’s Space Force was in the Championship game.

Coach Winfred Walton was directing his team as they passed and moved the ball and played lock-down defense. Orange fans there weren’t even surprised they were watching DeShaun Williams, Josh Wright, Devin Brennan-McBride, Lou McCroskey and Ron Patterson play for a title as combined they held 11 NBA titles among them.

As we sat around and wondered just how far we can stretch these Marvel-adjacent pieces, the time stone whisked us back to TNIAAM headquarters where we were greeted by Eric Devendorf in a Boeheim’s Army jersey and all was back to normal... or was it?