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Syracuse women’s lacrosse: Record book update

Several players are looking to solidify their places in program history as the season reaches its final weekend.

NCAA Photos Archive

At the outset of the NCAA tournament, I did an article on members of the Syracuse Orange women’s lacrosse team who were chasing their places in the SU record book, both for single-season and career accomplishments.

In the last two weeks, the Orange have won two NCAA tournament games as Meaghan Tyrrell etched her name in the school record book by setting a new tournament record with seven goals in one game, Emma Ward almost tied her with six, Asa Goldstock continued making saves, and a bunch of our defenders continued causing turnovers.

Now, let’s revisit the players and some of the records and/or lists that they’re looking to join as the 2021 season enters its final weekend.

Asa Goldstock

Asa has already claimed one SU record (ground balls) while she chases down another (saves).

Ground Balls

  1. Asa Goldstock — 199
  2. Liz Hogan — 181

Asa clinched this record during the Louisville weekend earlier this season, and now she’s trying to become the first person in program history to scoop up 200 ground balls for her career. One more and she’s done it, so it better happen against Northwestern!


  1. Liz Hogan — 660
  2. Asa Goldstock — 647

It’s going to be very interesting to see if Asa can pick up her second school record before her career comes to an end with this one. Obviously we hope she can, since her making saves is good for the team. 14 saves to break the record is possible, especially if the Orange can make it to the championship game!

Meaghan Tyrrell

While Asa is looking at career numbers, Meaghan’s excellent season means that we’re focusing on the single-season records for her (at least for now).


  1. Katie Rowan — 142 — 2008
  2. Kayla Treanor — 117 — 2014
  3. Katie Rowan — 112 — 2009
  4. Alyssa Murray — 110 — 2014
  5. Alyssa Murray — 105 — 2011
  6. Alyssa Murray — 104 — 2013
  7. Meaghan Tyrrell — 102 — 2021
  8. Christina Dove — 100 — 2008

This is a complete list of every 100 point season in SU history, making Tyrrell’s season one of only eight individual accomplishments. As you can see, there’s definitely room for movement up the list for Meaghan. She certainly should be able to move into the top-5 all-time seasons, and possibly even the top-3 if she plays really well and the Orange make it to Sunday. Whatever happens, Meaghan has already done something that only four other players in school history have done. Incredible.


6. Kayla Treanor — 71 — 2013

7. Christina Dove — 69 — 2010

8. Alyssa Murray — 65 — 2014

9. Alyssa Murray — 64 — 2013

10. Halley Quillinan — 63 — 2008

Meaghan Tyrrell — 62 — 2021

Meaghan is only one goal away from joining the all-time top-10 goal-scoring seasons in school history. You’ve got to figure she’s got a shot to move at least to number eight, and hopefully even higher.


3. Tee Ladouceur — 48 — 2010

4. Michelle Tumolo — 43 — 2012

5. Alyssa Murray — 40 — 2013

5. Kayla Treanor — 40 — 2016

5. Meaghan Tyrrell — 40 — 2021

No big deal, just tied with two of the best players in school history for assists in a single-season. Meaghan will be looking to take solo possession of fifth place on the list with her next assist, and perhaps move a little higher after that.

Meaghan’s already in two top-10 lists, and by the time all is said and done, her 2021 will have joined the ranks of some of the most prolific seasons in school history. When you’re not only among, but looking to pass, names like Kayla Treanor, Alyssa Murray, Michelle Tumolo and Halley Quillinan, there's a whole lot that you’re doing right.

Caused Turnovers

It’s no secret that Syracuse has a really good defense, and it’s also no mystery why they have a good defense. Players like Sarah Cooper, Ella Simkins and Kerry Defliese put in so much work on their end of the field to keep opponents’ goal totals low and SU’s win total high.


1. Halley Quillinan — 34 — 2010

2. Bridget Looney — 33 — 2007

2. Sarah Cooper — 33 — 2019

4. Christina Gibson — 32 — 2008

4. Ella Simkins — 32 — 2021

6. Becca Block — 31 — 2013

6. Sarah Cooper — 31 — 2021

Kerry Defliese — 27 — 2021

The single-season school record for caused turnovers is in play for all three of Simkins, Cooper and Defliese. While Defliese is a little further back than the other two, if she creates turnovers like she did in the ACC championship game, then she’s very much in the race. As a freshman, Cooper came within one of the record, and she’s now just three back while Simkins is only two away. It should be fun to see if anyone can claim this school record as their own.


Bridget Looney — 101

Halley Quillinan — 96

Ella Simkins — 84

Kerry Defliese — 79

Sarah Cooper — 76

The trio are already all in the top-5 for career caused turnovers, as well. It’s a wonderful achievement for all of them, but it’s downright amazing from Cooper, whose career has really only been 2.5 years long so far. Sarah’s going to have a real shot at eventually breaking the school record for a career, but to have three defenders all on the same team this high on the career list shows us one reason why the SU defense has been so good in recent years.

Team Offense

The Syracuse offense has been consistently good this season, despite the high-profile losses. So good in fact that the offense has scored at least 15 goals in 15 out of their 19 games. It’s a bit of an arbitrary number, but it also puts the 2021 Orange offense in some pretty elite company.

Single-Season 15-goal games

16 — 2008 — 21 games

15 — 2021 — 19 games

13 — 2012 — 23 games

11 — 2007 (19 games), 2013 (22 games), 2014 (24 games)

10 — 2009 (19 games), 2010 (22 games), 2019 (21 games)

So, this year’s team sits behind only a 2008 squad that had three of the top-6 point scorers in school history in Katie Rowan (1st), Christina Dove (3rd) and Halley Quillinan (6th). And that team played two more games, so this year’s squad has still got a shot at tying or even breaking the mark.

Well, we know it’s all about the team this weekend, but while we watch the ladies in the Final Four, it’s fun to keep in mind some of the individual achievements that can be reached while striding for that first national championship in school history.

Be sure to tune in this Friday to watch as SU takes on Northwestern in the second semifinal at roughly 2:30 p.m. ET on ESPN U, and Let’s Go Orange!!!