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Buddy and Jim Boeheim featured for Syracuse in this year’s ‘One Shining Moment’

To little surprise, the father-son duo gets a spot in the annual highlight showcase.

Syndication: The Enquirer Alton Strupp/IndyStar via Imagn Content Services, LLC

No matter how you feel about Baylor winning the national title on Monday night, you probably watched “One Shining Moment” intently for where the Syracuse Orange men’s basketball team may be spotted.

Well, we have the advantage of Pacific Time over at TNIAAM HQ, so instead of staying up late to figure it out for you, we’re just watching at a normal time to be awake.

The first appearance from a Syracuse game comes around the 1:09 mark, with San Diego State expressing frustration in the first round loss to the Orange. But the feature starts at 1:16, with Bill Raftery on the call for Buddy Boeheim’s three-point shooting showcase. The clip concludes a few seconds later with Buddy and Jim Boeheim celebrating together.

And that’s really it this year. No clips from the WVU game that I saw, and if there was anything from Houston, it was the Cougars celebrating a win en route to their Final Four berth.

So ends another college basketball season, though. It was frustrating at times, and fun at others. But at least Syracuse had a good enough season to carve out a few seconds during “One Shining Moment,” right?