Enjoy your weekend with Syracuse mens crew racing Wisconsin, North Eastern and BU

This coming weekend the number 4 ranked Syracuse Mens Rowing team will be racing the # University of Wisconsin 10, #Boston University 6, and # North Eastern University 3.

Tune in live at

Racing times are


7:15am – Syracuse v. NEU, 1v

7:45am – Syracuse v. NEU, 2v

8:15am – Syracuse v. NEU, 3v 4’s

6:15pm – Syracuse v. BU, 1v

6:45pm – Syracuse v. BU, 2v

7:15pm – Syracuse v. BU, 3v 4’s


7:45am – Syracuse v. Wisconsin, 1v

8:15am – Syracuse v. Wisconsin, 2v

8:45am – Syracuse v. Wisconsin, 3v 4’s