Woody Newton, "Lost Trust in Coach Boeheim" - States Reason for His Entering the Portal

The doldrums of summer have set in & for Basketball die-hards, there isn't a ton to discuss right now other than recruiting & player movement. Obviously, Coach Boeheim has nowhere near the "epidemic level" portal problems of Quentin Hillsman where his entire team said - see 'ya, wouldn't wanna be 'ya! (to which he made laughable excuses galore & awkward, off color attempts at half-hearted humor coupled with various borderline dumpster fire comments which the Syracuse administration has chosen not to act upon, as clearly he should be let go)

That said, what's currently happening in Coach Boeheim's program isn't conducive to sustainability. Team's can't lose virtually their entire freshman classes each year & compete can they? Well, actually, Boeheim has proven he can, so I suppose that was leading with a rhetorical question wasn't it!?

Now, it appears that where there was smoke, there was some fire. The media seemed to miss the article in the Oklahoman in which Jacob Unruh basically un-rubbishes Jim Boeheim's out of touch opinion that players leave because they aren't playing enough or they want to shoot more..etc. Apparently, there is a wee-bit more going on as well sometimes.

Syracuse papers & blogs don't dig very deep when players leave the program, but often times, once the player lands wherever it was they were hi-tailing it to, information begins to leak out. In the case of Woody Newton, he had, "Lost Trust."

The Orange Fizz didn't miss this story & the bigger question is, we have a bit of a problem. For real...and it needs to be addressed internally by John Wildhack.

As the Daily Orange's Brad Klein closed his astute article by saying, "SU is rarely the program that relies on freshman. That won't fly now that freshman don't need to sit and wait. If that's enough to shake Newton's trust, why wouldn't it be enough to shake yours?

He also commented that, "Boeheim's Dog-House might as well be called the Transfer Portal."

Article in question:

IMO & going back to the season ending Daily Orange article that raised all sorts of talking points - which I'm quite surprised haven't lit these boards up like a Casino running a half off slots token special for seniors on Friday night - Coach Boeheim, John Wildhack & the Syracuse program is out of touch with perception.

Boeheim has a vague idea why players are leaving and lack of playing time is clearly part of it. But his relationship with the players is also part of the issue. THEY ARE LOSING TRUST in him & the entire staff. It starts with him, no?