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Jim Boeheim’s Kentucky Derby horse needs a more appropriate name

Thankfully our readers have thoughts

HORSE RACING: SEP 05 Kentucky Derby Photo by Zach Bolinger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Syracuse Orange fans have become accustomed to Jim Boeheim leading a run in March but can he lead a run in May? On Thursday we learned that Boeheim had a stake in a horse which was admitted to this year’s Kentucky Derby field.

We know that Boeheim has a big hat ready to go for Derby day but we think there’s a more fitting name for the horse than Hidden Stash. This is where the TNIAAM audience came in with suggestions. Here are some of the best ones (and no your reference to nose-picking won’t be among them).

As expected we had lots of references to the 2-3 zone, jacket tosses (Bravo) and that famous Big East Tournament quote about 10 games but here are some more unique suggestions.

This Keeley guy might have a future in comedy writing

If given the choice, Boeheim might enjoy this one the best

Let’s hear your best suggestions in the comments.