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TNIAAM Bracket Updates: Oh, the Brackets Were Busted

Some of you will NOT be taking home NunesBucks

Oral Roberts v Florida Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

A tradition as old as time: the Syracuse Orange busting brackets, except for those in the TNIAAM Bracket Pool. Those brackets were busted by the chaos of everything else. With so many 2, 3, and 4 seeds eliminated, the TNIAAM men’s bracket pool is the prognosticator equivalent of the Walking Dead.

Congratulations to All’s Well That Braswells, who is leading out tournament challenge on the men’s side AND still has their entire Final Four intact. However, they have Houston as part of that Final Four, and we know what happens to Disloyal Idiots around here....

Otherwise, the rest of the Top 10 is continuing forward with some part, if not most, of their Final Four busted thanks to the chaos of opening weekend. This is setting up for big moving weekend in the standings!

Meanwhile, the Women’s bracket has rewarded those who chalk, but don’t rock. Yes, that’s me in 2nd place (NO COLLUSION), but the leader we’re all chasing is iseeorangepeople, who has a Final Four intact of Louisville, South Carolina, Baylor, and NC State, with the ‘Pack taking home the title. Should the ACC reign supreme, they’ll be rewarded with Nunesbucks for their loyalty to the conference.

Thanks to all who submitted a bracket this year, and check back next week for the post Regional Finals Recap!