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The perfect shirt for the latest apology tour

This time, it’s a family affair

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As has become a frequent occurrence now, we’re on yet another apology tour. And this time, it’s a family affair. So what better way to show how sorry you are than with this new t-shirt from our friends at BreakingT?

Whether you’re raining buckets on the competition, want the perfect outfit for apologizing, or just continue to outplay expectations, this shirt is the perfect complement to those activities. It’s the apology tour we’ve always wanted... with more family involved.

So what are you waiting for? If this was theoretically for a certain event, you’d probably want it ASAP, so you can wear it for the game/holiday/high holy day/work function, right. So would highly recommend you BUY A SHIRT. TNIAAM thanks you, of course. We’re not currently accepting NunesCoin, though. Maybe next time around.

Hope to see you all on the apology tour this week, as we tend to some family business in our new orange shirts.

I’m sure you’ve gotten the memo by now. But in case it wasn’t clear: We’d love it if you bought a shirt.

THANK YOU! And please be sure to apologize to whoever sees you in this.