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Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Podcast: Syracuse and ACC men’s basketball program tiers

“State of the Program”... but for all 15 teams


Because we recorded this right before the Syracuse men’s basketball game vs. the North Carolina Tar Heels, we don’t dive into that game at all. Instead, we opt for a larger conversation around Syracuse and the state of the program, both right now and going forward, compared to rest of the ACC.

Some of the specifics of this episode:

  • Why Mike Hopkins is still probably the best hire for SU
  • Syracuse and Duke’s similarities around coaching succession
  • Does someone binge-watch sports seasons? (and if so, get in touch)
  • Knicks hype and the odd buzz around a team barely over .500
  • Why the Orange have devolved into a tier-2 ACC program, but could upgrade their station
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