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NCAA Tournament GameThread: 11-seed Syracuse Orange vs. 6-seed San Diego State Aztecs


ACC Men’s Basketball Tournament - Second Round Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images

Hopefully you’ve gotten all of your apologies in throughout the week, because the Syracuse Orange men’s basketball team plays the San Diego State Aztecs in the NCAA Tournament tonight.

Following a strong-ish end to the regular season, Syracuse is an 11-seed — its third time as a double-digit seed in the last four trips to the tournament. Meanwhile, SDSU enters the game on a 14-game winning streak with a Mountain West title. On paper, at least, you’d think the Aztecs would have some advantages heading into this one.

But... we know how recent history has worked for Syracuse as an underdog, and what the 2-3 zone can do in tournament play against those unfamiliar with it. Regardless, this should be a fun matchup.

As you nervously await the 9:40 p.m. ET tip-off on CBS, here’s some reading to catch up on...

Leave your pre-, in- or post-game comments below or on Discord. And G’ORANGE!