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Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Podcast: What are Syracuse men’s basketball expectations?

A question that’s coming up more and more lately...


The Syracuse Orange men’s basketball team has a game on Tuesday night — and we do get to that. But crucially, we wanted to have a larger conversation around what expectations are for this program on an annual basis, and what they should be, if those are different responses.

Some of the specifics of this episode:

  • Telling Pats fans to sit down about claiming the Bucs’ championship
  • How the last five years have been basketball purgatory
  • ... and why Syracuse fans are more susceptible to frustration about mediocrity
  • What’s the worst record SU can close out the season with to make the NCAA Tournament?
  • Discussing Orange football’s new additions, including new walk-on RB Ja’Tarie Washington
  • How do we fire CSU Northridge’s Matty the Matador into the Sun?
  • Recruiting, depth-building and the adjustments required of Jim Boeheim
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