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‘The Whiz-Bang Weekly’ isn’t paused this week

Even if you wish it was.... ba dum tss!

NCAA Basketball: Bryant at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Hey Syracuse Orange fans we know you’d rather be spending your Thursday morning talking about how good it was to see Bourama Sidibe and Kadary Richmond back in the starting line-up but instead you’ve got’re welcome!

Sources at the Downtown Y told me that the lunchtime players are mad at that anonymous ACC coach for suggesting all they want to do is shoot. There’s always that one guy who tries to draw charges....there’s always that one guy, unless you’re in Wisconsin and there’s 7 or 8 of them.

With National Women in Sports Day this week it’s a reminder that all of us have that one neighbor who thinks his Saturday morning squad could give the Syracuse women’s basketball team a run. All of us of course would gladly pay to see Kamilla Cardoso send his shot right back down his throat.

Did you know yesterday was National Signing Day? I kept waiting for that Netscape Navigator view of Alabama’s fax machine...those were the days Bunky.

On the topic of National Signing Day all the would-be head coaches are celebrating the return of NCAA Football. We joke but in December 2029 Danny White’s going to be announcing that the Tennessee Volunteers next head coach will be selected based on online dynasty mode success. Start

Times have changed when Syracuse fans are celebrating the flip of a Coastal Carolina recruit.

Times have also changed when Alabama is dominating the SEC in basketball. If this keeps up Nate Oats is going to strut into the coaches convention and run down Coach K, Roy, Boeheim and Calipari and they’ll just have to sit there and listen to it.

Someone wrote this long profile about the 2021 Duke men’s lacrosse team having the potential to be the greatest team of all-time and then the ACC coaches went and picked Syracuse 1st in the pre-season poll. That means you might want to make some time for lacrosse in case you weren’t already watching.

Army v Syracuse Photo by Rich Barnes/Getty Images

The Orange women’s lacrosse team is also in the top 5 in the pre-season rankings. Is it too much to ask that we’ll get the chance to see both squads in a Final Four?

Thankful that my barber didn’t get the hook mid-cut last week. The fairway’s in rough shape as it is folks.

Someone tell the NY Post that those fallen former Big East programs are all having better seasons than 5-11 Kentucky. Maybe Coach Cal should call Val Ackerman and see if there’s an opening.

Let’s all keep those masks on in the hope the Orange football squad gets a spring scrimmage this year because we might have ourselves a good old fashioned QB duel in the Dome.

Giddy up!!!