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The ‘Whiz-Bang Weekly’ visits Bubbleville

The chicken parm isn’t special but the company was elite

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NCAA Basketball: Notre Dame at Syracuse Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to another edition of the ‘Whiz-Bang Weekly’. We took a road trip to a town called BubbleVille to hang out with some old friends in blue. Unfortunately the trip got cut short but knowing the Syracuse Orange we’ll probably visit again next February.

Some people are rooting for the Kentucky Wildcats to make a run in the SEC Tournament but do you think John Calipari wants to spend weeks that close to NCAA Headquarters? That’s like dumping your trash in your neighbor’s yard instead of the next town over.

Pitchers and catchers have reported which means someone in Syracuse is going to put on their Sirius Springsteen channel and crank out a column on how the Orange need to revive the dormant baseball program.

Looks like Opting in is the new Opting Out....let’s see if that means Bowl Games are the must have Holiday item in Central New York in a few months.

Someone in the Nunes Slack was overheard saying “I didn’t even attempt any #jokesandgarbage last week”. I’d name them but we don’t believe in airing our grievances in public.

That line might have missed badly but Mark Williams followed up for me so put the points on the board.....too soon?

Syracuse faces Virginia in lacrosse this weekend and I’ll say it again, the Casey Powell game is one of the top 5 all-time Dome performances. Here take a couple minutes and watch all 43 goals from that game.

Is it weird that the lacrosse uniforms from 20 years ago look better than whatever futuristic font Desko’s guys are wearing these days? Call me out of touch Bunky but I like being able to tell the difference between the 3 and 8 when I need to know which Instagram account to troll.

Don’t know about you but I’ve always told people that Syracuse is a rowing school.

COVID has ruined a lot of things but missing out on our final #SummerofTebow was a small consolation....apologies to all three of you Syracuse Mets fans.

MLB: Spring Training-New York Mets at Detroit Tigers Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

If Syracuse misses the NCAA Tournament does Boeheim root for Duke to win it all so he can spend the summer texting “Told ya so” to Jay Bilas?

Speaking of Boeheim he should spend whatever it takes to have Tiana Mangakahia run passing clinics for his team after the season. His team gets tunnel vision once they put the ball on the floor like they were wearing those goggles your JV coach used to make you wear in drills.

All jokes aside Tiana really deserved a rousing send-off for her final home game. Hopefully her jersey retirement next year will make up for it.....and Syracuse if you hadn’t already planned it, there’s your friendly reminder to put it in motion now. Seriously. Do it. Don’t wait. Get it done.