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Stick to the Script, Jim

These analytics should not be ignored

NCAA Basketball: Boston College at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

As the Syracuse Orange head down the stretch ,we implore Jim Boeheim to pay attention to one bit of analytics. No this isn’t another piece about the guard rotation or what kind of shots this team should be taking. We’re not even making any statements about the zone defense.

This time we’re talking about 1/4-zips. Yep you read that correctly, here at TNIAAM, we’re obsessed with giving you the numbers that matter. We might not Jim Boeheim jacket tosses but we won’t that stop us from pulling over more analytics.

Boeheim 20-21 record by 1⁄4 zip

Boeheim 1/4 Zip W-L
Boeheim 1/4 Zip W-L
Blue 3-2
Grey 5-2
White 4-2
Block S 5-3
Script 7-3
Blue Block S 1-0
Blue Script 2-2
Grey Block S 3-2
Grey Script 2-0
White Block S 1-1
White Script 3-1

What we’ve learned is that when it comes to the logo, Boeheim should stick with the script Syracuse (and honestly that should be the case for all Orange teams) and when it comes to color, leave the blue in the closet for summer recruiting. The grey vs. white debate is very close and the difference is that grey didn’t get blown out at Clemson. Note that we are not calling this platinum or anthracite or some other fancy name that tries to distract you from the fact that it’s grey. Perhaps the success of this color is that it best represents the Syracuse skyline during winter?

We’re also left wondering why Jim doesn’t have an orange version? Is he saving this for a post-season appearance? Maybe the HOF head coach has a few tricks up his sleeve down the stretch but we just hope he’s not against the fashion analytics like he claims to be with the basketball analytics.