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Year-in-review: TNIAAM’s most-commented articles of 2021

Another year of jokes and garbage that you had things to say about

Syracuse v Georgetown Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

In a matter of days, we put yet another year in the books here at TNIAAM, which has now been in existence for over 15 years. If that seems like a lot in real years, trust me, it’s even more in internet years. But being around this long hasn’t stopped us from trying new things or writing articles that you had things to say about (good, bad or otherwise).

Given everything that’s occurred around the Syracuse Orange in 2021, there’s little surprise we wrote a lot about it. In fact, we wrote over 1,550 articles. Some of them weren’t as well received as others. But today we’re highlighting the ones with the most comments.

As always, this doesn’t include GameThreads, because that’s cheating.

TNIAAM’s Most-Commented Articles of 2021

1. Syracuse men’s basketball: Kadary Richmond enters transfer portal

This is actually the most-commented non-gamethread in site history. On its own, Richmond’s departure doesn’t burn the program or fan base to the ground, obviously. But his transfer was a lightning rod for the criticisms (and defensive posturing) that have swirled around SU men’s basketball for years now. Also, we’re all very good at being mad online.

2. Selection Sunday: Last look at Syracuse men’s basketball’s NCAA Tournament resume

As is tradition around here, James dives into Syracuse’s at-large resume one last time before selections are announced. It also kind of doubles as a Selection Sunday open thread, so maybe we’re cheating a bit here. Still, given the annual consternation about the Orange’s postseason credentials, this piece was sure to generate conversation.

3. Anticipate Syracuse basketball players to transfer. But Buddy Boeheim will be back.

James acknowledges this is a silly headline, but again, you guys like talking about transfers and Buddy Boeheim, so this is the best of both worlds. This was also just a couple days before the Kadary announcement above, so it sort of set the tone for the ensuing transfer conversation insanity.

4. Final Score: Colgate 100, Syracuse 85

We’re all pretty used to an absolutely out-of-nowhere non-conference loss for SU, but not to the likes of Colgate. Needless to say, this defeat sent everyone off the deep end (and perhaps rightfully so given what’s followed).

5. Three takeaways from Syracuse’s 89-68 win over NC State

Buddy Boeheim’s takeover of the hearts and minds of America in March arguably starts here, after the Orange completely bludgeoned the Wolfpack. It also seemed like SU came close to punching their ticket to the Big Dance, so that helped generate conversation as well.

6. Syracuse football: Where do the Orange go from here?

If it feels like I’ve written the piece above before, it’s because I probably have numerous times over the last few seasons. But in the wake of a hapless loss to Pitt to end 2021 bowl-less yet again, it at least added some finality to the question marks around a lackluster finish — and uncertain future for Orange football.

7. Report: John Desko retiring, Syracuse women’s lacrosse coach Gary Gait taking over men’s team

While it wasn’t the most successful year for Orange sports, it was definitely an eventful one... in a variety of ways. I stand by the fact that Syracuse shouldn’t have necessarily poached its own successful women’s lacrosse coach to run the men’s program — even if they eventually wound up making the right replacement hire for Gait.

8. On Roy Williams’s retirement & the best men’s basketball coaching jobs in the country

Syracuse fans (self included) are obsessed with questions around blueblood status, Jim Boeheim’s legacy and the state of the job after Jim retires. So putting all of those concerns into a single piece is a recipe for conversation, especially in the wake of peer Roy Williams’s retirement.

9. Syracuse men’s basketball: John Bol Ajak & Robert Braswell enter transfer portal, per report

A conversation about the transfer portal, you say? I, for one, am “shocked” that this wound up with over 200 comments. Also, nice of John Bol Ajak to reconsider leaving after this.

10. Syracuse men’s basketball selected as an 11-seed in NCAA Tournament

Of course the Orange made the NCAA Tournament and missed the play-in game despite many “experts” being baffled about it. Why do you ask?


There were plenty more articles that generated a ton of conversation over the course of the year, but these are the top 10. So if you feel like reliving the early part of the men’s basketball offseason or the days directly following a disappointing football conclusion, we’ve got you covered above.

Thanks, as always, for reading and making TNIAAM a special part of Syracuse fandom for yet another year.