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Time for the Festivus tradition: The airing of our Syracuse sports grievances

You bet we gotta lot of them this year

NCAA Lacrosse: Division I Women’s Lacrosse Championship Mitchell Layton-USA TODAY Sports

Today we celebrate Festivus and while we can’t all get together for the traditional dinner or Feats of Strength we can air our Syracuse Orange related grievances and we’ve gotta lot of them this year so with no further delay:

The NCAA for not giving Jim Boeheim his wins. For not getting rid of Bruce Pearl and most of all for putting Syracuse in Houston’s region last March. Could have had another Apology Tour if you’d just given the Orange a better path.

Charlotte North for denying the Orange women’s lacrosse team their 1st NCAA Championship. You’re a great player but still we’re not happy with you this year.

Speaking of women’s lacrosse, the officials in the ACC title game have some explainin’ to do for the Carolina home cooking.

Big 10 Officials for killing Syracuse’s early momentum against Rutgers with a bad fumble call.

Dino Babers for indecision when it comes to 4th down plays. Maybe next year do the opposite of whatever your instinct tells you and see how that works out.

NCAA Football: Pittsburgh at Syracuse Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Unspecified reasons for keeping Chris Elmore on the bench in September when the Orange could have used him to go 4-0 and they’d be preparing for a bowl game right now. We don’t even know who to be mad about, but it’s not going to stop us from being angry.

Mike Brey thanks for pushing for every ACC coach to dress as poorly as you on the sideline. Kids are crying that there are no Boeheim jacket tosses for Christmas this year you jerk.

NCAA Basketball: Notre Dame at Miami-Florida Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Whatever caused Amanda Vestri to miss the NCAA XC meet due to an injury should be ashamed of itself. Ashamed!

This transfer portal. Every time we turn around someone is in the portal and out of the portal. Isn’t anyone loyal in college sports these days?

Whoever at US Soccer that waited so long to get Miles Robinson some appearances with the USMNT.

Okay, Syracuse, now it’s your turn:

  • Make up your minds about this 44 thing already. All the back and forth this Fall made us madder than the Ken Phelps trade
  • Speaking of making up your mind... Is it the Carrier Dome, the Dome, the Stadium or what?
  • Why is there a student white-out during an orange-out game? Can’t you just tell people to wear orange every game?
  • $125 million dollars and you’re still selling stale hot dogs?

Sterlin Gilbert might be gone but we won’t forget you. You ended up sending Tommy DeVito to play for a George McDonald offense for crying out loud....

Sean Tucker. Sean Tucker.......We got no beef with you....... in fact we’re very pleased with your performance and have made a sizable donation of NunesBucks in your name to The Human Fund.

Now it’s your turn. Use the comments to air your grievances... and let’s keep them sports-related, please.