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Troy Nunes is an Absolute Livecast: Big East nostalgia bites back

Oh no. Oooh no.

NCAA Basketball: Villanova at Syracuse Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

So uh... that was a doozy of a week for the Syracuse Orange men’s basketball team. We relived the glory days of the Big East and are now 0-2 to show for the nostalgia trip. With both losses coming “on the road*” there is definitely a silver lining somewhere, but it isn’t to be found here. Unless you’re down to talk our transitive fútbol national championship. It was that kind of week...

As usual, Andy, Christian, and Steve hoped on the Nunesmagician Twitch Channel on Sunday night to recap the week in Orange!

In this week’s edition of the LiveCast, the guys talked about...

  • Nostalgia is bad. Steve tried to warn us.
  • This is the worst start for a Jim Boeheim basketball team, ever. This is a fact. It hurts.
  • Shout out to TA, best running back in Union history. And names we are surprised on Villanova and Georgetown.
  • Syracuse’s first half defense: let’s let the other team miss wide open shots! What the heck is wrong with the zone?
  • Oh and rebounding. That’s not ideal either. So all things are bad!
  • What’s wrong with Buddy Boeheim? We don’t know! But we know why he’s struggling.
  • How can the Orange jump start the offense?
  • What’s the best role Symir Torrence on this team?
  • Christian kills Andy and Steve with a single comparison.
  • Time to talk football player movement!
  • #MarvelMinute!
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These will be taking place every Sunday night at 8 PM ET, so feel free to join in the fun or wait until the following Monday morning for the re-watch above!