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Is this the end of The Official Jim Boeheim Jacket Toss Tracker™ ?

Sure sounds like this one has been sewn up

NCAA Basketball: ACC Conference Tournament-Pittsburgh vs Syracuse Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

During ACC Media Day Notre Dame HC Mike Brey shared that the coaches agreed to continue the sideline casual attire in the 2021-22 season. Last night Jim Boeheim confirmed that Syracuse Orange fans will not see him wearing a jacket on the sidelines this season.

“This is so much better,” Boeheim said after Monday night’s exhibition win over Le Moyne, in response to a question about his wardrobe situation. “This is the way I coach at practice every day. You’re comfortable. There’s no comparison. No comparison.”

It’s true there is no comparison and certainly no good reason for a basketball coach to wear a sport coat on the sidelines....or is there?

The Official Jim Boeheim Jacket Toss Tracker™ numbers showed that the Orange only lost one game when Boeheim discarded his jacket with Syracuse in the lead. Back in the 19-20 season Syracuse had a record of 8-2 in jacket toss games. Overall that mark was 17-5 in the three seasons we compiled jacket toss statistics.

Is Jim Boeheim throwing away that success for comfort? Apparently so. We all know that only one person could possibly change Jim’s mind here but we won’t let our happiness get woven into our hopes with this. Perhaps a last-minute alteration will occur before next week’s opener....with Buddy Boeheim only five points shy of the post-jacket toss points lead perhaps this decision isn’t completely sewn shut?

In the meantime we button up one set of statistics and pivot to the quarter-zip analytics of course. Last year’s record by quarter-zip style was as follows:

Boeheim 1⁄4 zip record

Boeheim 1/4 Zip W-L
Boeheim 1/4 Zip W-L
Blue 4-4
Grey 7-3
White 7-3
Block S 9-3
Script 9-7
Blue Block S 1-0
Blue Script 3-4
Grey Block S 4-2
Grey Script 3-1
White Block S 4-1
White Script 3-2

We will need some help with a name for this one though. Jim Boeheim Quarter Zip Stats Tracker just doesn’t have the same sense of style and JBQZST sounds like the newest cryptocurrency. Got any ideas? Let us knows in the comments