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Syracuse football wearing orange helmets, white jerseys, blue pants at NC State

This combo usually appear once per season, and this is that once.

Syracuse v Louisville Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

While it doesn’t really matter what uniforms you wear when it comes to winning and losing football games, it’s still entertaining enough to keep track of these things throughout the season. And when the Syracuse Orange visit the NC State Wolfpack on Saturday, they’ll be wearing a combination they don’t utilize a ton — or at least haven’t too much since 2019.

It’s orange helmets, white jerseys and blue pants for Syracuse on the road in Raleigh; the first time they’ll wear these since the 2020 debacle at Louisville (great omen, of course). ‘Cuse is actually 0-2 on the other occasions wearing this combination — again, great sign — with 2019’s loss at Florida State joining the Louisville game.

On the year, Syracuse is just 2-3 in the orange helmets, beating Liberty and BC, but losing to Rutgers, Clemson and Florida State. They’re 7-16 in the orange helmets since the start of 2019, and interestingly, haven’t won with orange helmets and white jerseys since 2019 at Duke (with five losses since).

Speaking of the white jerseys, SU is 2-2 in them this year, beating Ohio and Virginia Tech but losing to FSU and Louisville (last week). They’re just 4-10 in the white jerseys since the start of 2019.

As for the blue pants, this is surprisingly the first time they’ve come out all season. The Orange haven’t worn them since the aforementioned 2020 game at Louisville, and this is actually just the fourth time they’ve worn them since 2019. Along with the UL loss, Syracuse was also wearing them for 2019’s FSU loss and that same season’s win over Holy Cross (so they’re 1-2 in the blue pants so far).

NC State, for their part, will be wearing white helmets, red jerseys and white pants for the game.