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Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Podcast: Syracuse vs. NC State preview

An IN-PERSON episode!


For just the second time in nearly eight years, we’re doing this podcast live and in-person, with the benefit of visual cues, single-mic recording and a general sense of cohesiveness that you may not always sense on these episodes. So if you recognize a difference, that’s probably it.

Some of the specifics:

  • Early takeaways on the Syracuse men’s basketball season
  • Roster attrition and the amount of work needed to bring in a solid group of 25 players for 2022
  • The post-bye problem and other questions around Dino Babers’s program
  • Have recent Syracuse opponents sniffed out Garrett Shrader and the Orange offense?
  • Reliving the ups and downs of Syracuse’s previous 5-5 starts
  • Sean Tucker vs. NC State’s top-10 run defense
  • Want more beer?: Follow John and Dan on Untappd

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