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Syracuse football: Redshirt tracking update through nine games

With three games to go in the regular season, how’s the redshirt situation looking now?

NCAA Football: Wake Forest at Syracuse Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

While we just checked in on redshirts a few weeks ago, it feels like a lot has happened since then, no?

The Syracuse Orange football team has won two straight games and now sits on the verge of bowl eligibility. We’ve had some key injuries. And even lost another player to the transfer portal (this time, it was Latarie Kinsler).

With three contests left, there’s still room for plenty of players to burn redshirts if they’ve already appeared in more than one game. But at this point, it’s also likely the coaching staff has settled on who’s getting snaps, barring injuries that may still occur.

So what do things look like entering week 11 vs. Louisville? Updates below based on Syracuse’s own record keeping, for class of 2023 and 2024 players.


  • 9 games: Damien Alford, Justin Barron, Duce Chestnut, Rob Hanna, Josh Ilaoa, Courtney Jackson, Maximilian Mang, Garrett Shrader, Jason Simmons, Stefon Thompson, Sean Tucker, Marlowe Wax
  • 8 games: Terry Lockett, James Williams
  • 7 games: Adrian Cole, Steven Mahar, Trebor Pena, Garrett Williams
  • 6 games: Kalan Ellis, Aman Greenwood
  • 5 games: Ja’Had Carter, Oronde Gadsden, Steve Linton, Neil Nunn

So that’s a lot of young players at this point, and even some additions to this top section from last time. Perhaps most encouraging for Syracuse fans is the fact that so many of these names are extremely familiar and are primary contributors to this team’s success. While the Orange are far from perfect this year, they’re largely a team very young players who are just a few plays from being 8-1 (or yes, 3-6, if you want to view it that way).

Intact, Appeared

  • 3 games: Umari Hatcher, Anwar Sparrow
  • 2 games: Jakob Bradford, Elijah Fuentes-Cundiff, Anthony Red
  • 1 game: Jatius Geer, Austyn Kauhi, Leon Lowery, JaCobian Morgan

No one’s been added to this list since last time, meaning that Dino Babers & Co. may have already locked in who’s playing and who isn’t this year. There have also been few changes above in terms of appearances, meaning that after getting some initial burn, these players are likely waiting for their chance next year, at earliest.

The biggest shift that could still occur is on the line, as the Orange have suffered a few injuries there and may need to rotate in some new bodies.

Intact, No Appearances

Chase Atkinson, Garth Barclay, Enrique Cruz, Malcolm Folk, Ishmael Goulbourne, Wes Hoeh, Josh Hough, Justin Lamson, Kendall Long, Tyler Magnuson, Dillon Markiewicz, Malik Matthew, Derek McDonald, Joe Rondi, Austin Roon, Chase Simmons, Ja’Vontae Williams

Like we said above, no new names in terms of appearances, so this group seems locked into redshirting and not appearing at this point. There’s a shot some could wind up on the field via injuries or just to get them some snaps. But beyond that, you’ll probably be waiting ‘til next season to see them in action.