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Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Podcast: Syracuse vs. Louisville preview

Also, there’s Syracuse men’s and women’s basketball on the docket now.


Not only is the Syracuse Orange football team in position to make a bowl game with a win this weekend, but both the men’s and women’s basketball teams have started their respective seasons. So yes, we have quite a bit to talk about this week.

Some of the specifics of this episode:

  • The benefits of Syracuse WBB not having a go-to player yet
  • What we liked from game one of the Orange MBB season
  • Also, dissecting the wild shot chart that featured almost all threes and points in the paint
  • How Syracuse and Louisville actually match up really well against one another
  • Why we may need to see Garrett Shrader throw the ball more vs. the Cards
  • #LoyalIdiots? Do we think Syracuse is going bowling?
  • Want more beer?: Follow John and Dan on Untappd

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