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The Council of 44 Episode III: No Byes for Senior Leaders

No off weeks here

NCAA Football: Boston College at Syracuse Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

A bye week might keep the Syracuse Orange football team off the field but with the calendar ticking down to the end of the season, the Council of 44 is not going to let up. We last left our group at their plans for a national television unveiling. Those plans were stymied at the last moment and momentum stalled but our group remains undeterred.

The inside of the football facility is quiet as Josh Black leans forward in his chair and addresses those in the room.

“Alright let’s start off the meeting by going over our bye week tasks. Time is winding down to get Tuck in that 44 before the season ends. Rhino start us off”

“Well I changed Sean’s ESPN profile photo to mine.”

“Wait how does that help?”

“Obviously when people see the stats and notice how good-looking he is, there’s no way he doesn’t get invited to the Heisman ceremony”

Airon Servais shakes his head at Elmore and speaks up

“In more productive news I got some freshmen who work in the Campus Store to move the Tucker t-shirts in front of the Buddy Buckets gear. Our Whitman majors are studying the sales and preparing some charts and shit to ‘extrapolate the fiduciary benefits of making 44 active again’.”

Servais looks at his teammates and adds “They are going to prove that giving Tucker 44 could equal more money coming in. We do need more than just t-shirts though.”

“Tucker towels?”

“Sean slides?

“Tucker toques?”

Josh Black rubs his hands together. “Not a bad idea Bergeron. Not bad at all. You get to work on that one. You must have a toque connect in Quebec you can use so get on that false starts here ok? Gentleman we’re in the final month so we have to turn up the pressure. Keep pushing it on social media like I’ve been doing and we can get this number on Tucker’s back for the Pitt game”

Can Josh deliver on his promise or will he be stuck in Syracuse for another winter? Will every Syracuse student pair their Canadian Goose with a Tucker Toque? Which profile photo will Elmore take over next?

Find out the answer to these questions in the next installment of The Council of 44*

*There is no guarantee that these questions will be mentioned never mind answered in the next episode. This website is not responsible for claims which go unfulfilled. Thank you for reading.