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Now that the Boeheims are part of Roc Nation things should change in the Dome this winter

Time to update that playlist

Crown Royale Presents Beyonce: Beyond The Red Carpet Auction and Exhibition of Beyonce’s Iconic Dresses & Costumes - Inside Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage

Those of you who frequent this site know how often we’ve talked about updating the music played in the Carrier Dome as part of the Syracuse Orange game presentation. Well after this news hit yesterday, we had to get back to this topic.

That’s right folks. Break out your ‘Don’te Leave” shirts and throw up the dynasty sign like it’s 2007 because the Roc Boys in the building tonight. You can’t be coming out to “Welcome in the Jungle” anymore but don’t worry we’ve got things covered with songs released under the Roc-a-Fella label.

Jim Boeheim’s new entrance song will shift to “Empire State of Mind”. We won’t make any promises but maybe Jay-Z can get Springsteen to do a cover version that would get the approval of the Hall of Famer.

Now for the nine-man rotation we recommend the following personal theme songs:

Buddy Boeheim: “Do It Again”- Jay Z ft Amil and Beanie Seagal

After the way Buddy finished the 20-21 season Cuse fans are definitely hoping for a repeat.

Jimmy Boeheim: “Hey Ma”= Cam’ron

Transferring to Syracuse for his final song this seems appropriate for the Boeheim family reunion.

Joe Girard: “Dirt off your Shoulder”- Jay Z

Eager to brush off last season’s criticism you might find Girard at the 44 Club with ESPN on the screen.

Bourama Sidibe: “Through the Wire”- Kanye

The big man returns after battling through an injury-riddled career in hopes of coming out of it all on top.

Cole Swider: “Flipside”- Freeway

A little ode to Philly for the Villanova transfer and this Just Blaze production would get the student section moving.

Symir Torrance: “Homecoming”- Kanye

The other transfer on this year’s squad fans will get to welcome the Syracuse native back to the Dome.

Benny Williams: “Touch the Sky”- Kanye ft Lupe Fiasco

Syracuse’s expecting big things from the freshman who has the ability to elevate way above the rim.

Jesse Edwards: “What We Do”- Freeway ft Jay Z and Beanie Siegel

It doesn’t have to be flashy for Edwards. He just needs to take up plenty of space in the middle of the zone

Frank Anselem: “The Truth”- Beanie Siegel

We didn’t get to see enough for Anselem last year to know what the Orange have so it’s

Jon Bol Ajak: “Oh Boy”- Cam’ron

They say that JBA is the guy who keeps things loose in the locker room so this seems like the song which suits him best.


What are we missing from the rotation here? Let us know in the comments and get ready for the return of The Dynasty