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Breaking: WR Taj Harris announces he is entering the transfer portal

This is less than optimal.

Rutgers v Syracuse Photo by Bryan Bennett/Getty Images

After a heartbreaking loss to the Florida State Seminoles, the Syracuse Orange needed some good news coming out of the weekend. Instead, the fanbase is met with the news that top wide receiver Taj Harris is entering the transfer portal. It is unclear at this time why the announcement occurred mid-season or why Taj is abruptly transfering from the program.

Harris, a New Jersey native, came to the Orange in 2018 and established himself in the rotation as a true freshman on that memorable team. From the 2019 season on, he was the odds on starter and the featured receiver on the 2020 squad and the 2021 season to date. He finishes his Orange career with All-ACC honors in 2020, 2,028 receiving yards, and 10 touchdowns. He joins Jarveon Howard, Ben Labrosse, Cody Shear and Landon Morris in transferring from the program this season.

The loss of Harris is a blow to the Orange receiving corps, and will force some of the younger receivers, Damien Alford and Orande Gadsden in particular to step up and fill in the gaps in the gameplan. All signs pointed to Harris continuing to have a stellar year this season after Coach Babers sang his praises in the offseason, going so far as to say he may be rewriting the record books. Now, after not travelling to Florida State and not playing in the Albany game, Harris will no longer be wearing Orange.