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Syracuse football: Redshirt tracking update through seven games

Whose ‘shirt is still intact and whose is burned already?

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 09 Wake Forest at Syracuse Photo by Gregory Fisher/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

While redshirt tracking isn’t what it used to be due to the extra eligibility granted last year, it’s still worth revisiting the idea since things are back to normal in 2021. For the Syracuse Orange football team, which has a pretty young roster, that means looking at a lot of players through the lens of “have they played four games or not yet?”

So below, we separate class of 2023 and 2024 players into three separate buckets: those that have burned their redshirt, those that have appeared and have the shirt intact (for now), and those that haven’t appeared at all.

(all numbers based on Syracuse’s own record-keeping on appearances)


  • 7 games: Damien Alford, Justin Barron, Duce Chestnut, Rob Hanna, Josh Ilaoa, Courtney Jackson, Maximilian Mang, Garrett Shrader, Jason Simmons, Stefon Thompson, Sean Tucker, Marlowe Wax, Garrett Williams
  • 6 games: Adrian Cole, Terry Lockett, Steven Mahar, Trebor Pena, James Williams
  • 5 games: Oronde Gadsden

Most of these names aren’t really that surprising — especially in the seven-game group. Mahar appearing in six games is surprising, though that’s really on special teams. Going into the season, Mahar and Gadsden are probably the only names I would’ve been surprised to hear burned redshirts by this point.

Intact, Appeared

  • 4 games: Kalan Ellis, Aman Greenwood
  • 3 games: Ja’Had Carter, Steve Linton, Neil Nunn, Anwar Sparrow
  • 2 games: Jakob Bradford, Elijah Fuentes-Cundiff, Umari Hatcher, Anthony Red
  • 1 game: Jatius Geer, Austyn Kauhi, Leon Lowery, JaCobian Morgan

Not a huge number of guys here, but some notable names nonetheless. Ellis and Greenwood seem likely to burn redshirts as soon as this weekend, given their increased playing time of late. We haven’t seen Nunn lately, but he’s within easy range of utilizing the ‘shirt if he starts seeing the field again. Offensive line injuries may also lead to Bradford and Red burning theirs. There probably aren’t enough snaps available on the defensive line for Fuentes-Cundiff, Geer or Lowery to get above four this season unless there’s a rash of injuries.

Intact, No Appearances

Chase Atkinson, Garth Barclay, Enrique Cruz, Malcolm Folk, Ishmael Goulbourne, Wes Hoeh, Josh Hough, Latarie Kinsler, Justin Lamson, Kendall Long, Tyler Magnuson, Dillon Markiewicz, Malik Matthew, Derek McDonald, Joe Rondi, Austin Roon, Chase Simmons, Ja’Vontae Williams

No real surprises here, honestly. The young linebackers are going to have to wait another year or so before they can get a real opportunity. Lamson’s not playing unless something happens to Shrader (and maybe Morgan too). Hough’s been hurt all year, and same goes for Ja’Vontae Williams.


Anything else notable above? Technically all of the players labeled “intact, no appearances” can still wind up losing their redshrts if they appear in all five remaining games, so anything can happen. But at least for now, this provides a little insight on the coach staff’s thinking around certain players.