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GameThread: Syracuse Orange (3-3, 0-2) vs. Clemson Tigers (3-2, 2-1)

Syracuse football tries to score another Friday night upset over Clemson at the Dome.

Clemson v Syracuse

Following two straight last-second losses, the Syracuse Orange football team could certainly use a bounce-back win. Getting one will be far from easy, however, since the Clemson Tigers come to town on Friday night. No, it’s not a top-five Clemson squad, but the Tigers still have plenty of talent and SU will certainly have their work cut out for them while trying to net win No. 4 on the season.

Before Syracuse’s upset attempt gets going at 7 p.m. ET from the Carrier Dome (or ESPN, for those tuning in from home), here’s some reading to catch up on:

Leave your pre- and in-game comments below. And G’ORANGE!