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The Council of 44 Episode II: The Tailoring is Complete

Will our Syracuse seniors get their wish

NCAA Football: Liberty at Syracuse Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

When we last left our heroes they were preparing to spring the ultimate surprise this Friday evening when the Syracuse Orange welcome the Clemson Tigers to town. Let’s see how their preparations are coming along in Episode II of “The Council of 44”.

Interior of the Syracuse Football locker room

An unknown individual opens a door and drops a bag to the floor. Chris Elmore rises and crosses the room to secure the bag. He holds it up in front of the group and reaches inside.

“Gentlemen as your newly elected offensive captain, I have something to share with you. What I am about to show you cannot be discussed with anyone outside this room or shared anywhere.

Josh Black and Airon Servais flank Elmore

“Or else you’ll answer to us!”

Elmore: “Relax guys.... I present to you the next 44 in Syracuse University football history”

Elmore holds up an Orange jersey with the number 44 on the front. He turns it around to display the back:



The room erupts in cheers as Black and Servais ask for quiet one more time.

Black heads for the center of the room and addresses the team

“Look the media has already been alerted but we cannot let the administration find out about this before Friday or else the equipment staff could get in trouble. It wasn’t easy to get them to redo all three of Sean’s jerseys so we can’t blow this”

Meanwhile in the administration wing John Wildhack is asking his staff why former players are texting him about their airline tickets for Friday.

“Did we plan to honor Floyd by inviting the other 44’s back? I don’t recall that being in our plans but I have been on the phone with Greensboro talking about officiating”

Wildhack looks at the faces looking back at him and adds “Well that’s a great idea. Good work team. Let’s make sure to get them all in the new Floyd merchandise when they get here”

There are lots of smiles and “good jobs” shared in the meeting room as the unaware admins fail to recognize what is being planned on the other side of the Manley Field House complex.

Will the players pull off the 44 surprise?

Will Sean Tucker celebrate the occasion by sending Clemson home with a loss?

Will Dabo ever learn how to dress himself?

Find out when The Council of 44 convenes again...