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Troy Nunes is an Absolute LiveCast: Wake Forest recap...

Not going to lie, this one hurts.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 09 Wake Forest at Syracuse Photo by Gregory Fisher/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Syracuse Orange lost their second straight ACC contest, this time to Wake Forest in overtime after what felt like a rash of bad decision making by the coaching staff. It was a lot of pain, and luckily your quasi therapists in Christian, Andy, and Steve are in the office of the NunesMagician LiveStream to discuss all things Orange.

On this edition of the Nunes LiveStream, the guys talked about:

  • Oh joys, the USMNT just lost!
  • But seriously, ouch that Wake game.
  • What didn’t hurt as bad? The defense.
  • What did hurt? The defensive playcalling.
  • Why the one dimensional Syracuse Orange offense is probably going to become an issue against a really good defense, like the one the Orange have coming to ‘Cuse on Friday.
  • We get really into the concept of script vs no script, and why the Orange’s refusal to adapt early in the third was so frustrating in the scope of this season.
  • Garrett Shrader got the Tommy DeVito offense, lol
  • Ok you waited long enough... let’s break down the coaching mishaps.
  • Would you take the holding call (2-1 yes)
  • Would you kick the field goal?
  • How the heck does that miscommunication happen on a two point conversion attempt?
  • Just how rough is Friday night’s contest going to be? Scoragami bad, or just bad?
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These will be taking place every Sunday night at 8 PM ET, so feel free to join in the fun or wait until the following Monday morning for the re-watch above!