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Game day beer picks: Syracuse vs. Florida State

Beverages are probably needed no matter what happens on Saturday.


Friday night was a fun time for the Syracuse Orange football team and us fans, who certainly had an opportunity to enjoy a drink or two following another win. Syracuse is 3-1 now with a chance to get to 4-1 somehow. To do that, though, they’ll have to beat the Florida State Seminoles.

Whether you’re stress-drinking before and during, or enjoying a beer after the Orange’s game, we offer up our selections for beer on Saturday. Fair warning in advance: You won’t be able to acquire at least one of these.

Syracuse Area Beer Pick: Heritage Hill 175 Lager

Heritage Hill is a relatively recent player in the Syracuse scene but face been making a splash for both their beer and for their on-site experience. Located on Sweet Road in Jamesvilleville, up on the hill, with great views and some killer food, they have become a standout in recent times with their outdoor seating, live music and family/dog friendly atmosphere as well. The 175 is a tribute to the founding of the farm 175 years ago by German settler Morris Beard, so this unfiltered lager was brewed in traditional style in their honor. They’re also doing their third anniversary bash this weekend as an Oktoberfest so swing by before or after the game for some local libations.

Florida State Area Beer Pick: Proof Creatures in the Dark

We’ve mentioned Proof and Creatures in the Dark before, but they’re worth bringing up again here since we had a year off from playing the ‘Noles on the football field. Creatures in the Dark is an enjoyable mix of chocolate and vanilla flavors, that’s deliciously bitter with coffee notes as well. There’s sweetness, sure, but it doesn’t overwhelm and takes a backseat to natural cacao nib earthiness.

Los Angeles Area Beer Pick: Monkish Moments

I’ve said in the past that I’m not always a fan of hazy double IPAs, but hazy triple IPAs usually manage to be a bit more enjoyable in my book. Moments is one of Monkish’s more recent selections — a dry-hopped citra brew with wheat malt that comes off equal parts smooth and sharp depending on the sip. It’s pineapple forward and like most good hazy triples, drinks like something far lighter than it actually is at 10% ABV.


What about you? Share your own beverage choices below.