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GameThread: Syracuse Orange (6-1, 1-0) vs Pittsburgh Panthers (5-2, 1-1)

Back in action at a weird start time.

NCAA Basketball: Duke at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Obligatory: Know the terrorism being committed in D.C. right now is top-of-mind, but where possible, we’re keeping the conversation below focused on basketball. That’s not to excuse the terrorists or the tacit endorsements of treason that brought us to this moment, of course (most of you know my feelings there). But more on that tomorrow, perhaps...

Oh, the season’s still happening? Apparently it is and the Syracuse Orange men’s basketball team will finally retake the court on Wednesday to face the Pittsburgh Panthers. Neither team’s played since mid-December, but Pitt’s the one also lacking their best player. Still, anything could happen. At least SU will get four practices in before the game — unlike the Bryant near-disaster when they played on one day of prep.

Before this game tips off at the strange time of 4:30 p.m. ET on the ACC Network, here’s some quick reading to prepare for what’s ahead:

Leave your pre-, in- and post-game comments below and G’ORANGE!