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Troy Nunes Is Absolute Podcast: Syracuse men’s basketball season resumes

Well, we hope that’s the case, anyway...


The Syracuse Orange men’s basketball team returns to the court this week... unless something changes last-minute, which it very well could. Whether it happens or not, it’s just more proof that the way the NCAA has handled this season clearly isn’t working as intended (and can’t).

Some of the specific topics of this episode...

  • RIP Floyd Little, a Hall of Fame player and person
  • The importance of nailing the new special teams hire
  • Dabo was out-coached as bad as he has been since the 2017 Syracuse game
  • Alternative solutions to what’s been a poorly managed hoops season
  • How Urban Meyer’s Jaguars tenure plays out
  • What to worry about (if anything) when Syracuse faces Pitt
  • Want more beer?: Follow John and Dan on Untappd

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