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A ‘Whiz-Bang Weekly’ for the last week in January

Where the jokes are colder than the temperature

NCAA Basketball: Miami-Florida at Syracuse
Brady drops back....looking for Gronk
Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Greetings loyal readers. Welcome back to this edition of the ‘Whiz-Bang Weekly’. John was worried about the clicks this was getting so I said you know maybe a 29% click rate is poor but if I get one more click per story from the Twitter then I’d be at 34% and that’s ok. Still waiting for a response to that one.

Hearing more noise about Rick Pitino replacing Jim Boeheim and let me tell you Bunky you and I have a better shot at landing the gig than Mr. Gone in 15 Seconds.

The Senior Bowl is going on this week and Iffy Melifonwu is on one hell of a job interview. Imagine if all of you had to go in and try to impress people into giving you millions….I know I’d end up owing more money than Curt Schilling owes the state of Rhode Island.

Instead of new inductees to Cooperstown the writers should have nominated Springsteen and Costner for all the work they’ve done to make baseball cool with the young people.

Speaking of young people, Coach K had a big week after showcasing his power over a student reporter he followed up by crushing the upset dreams of a student manager leading Georgia Tech. What’s that? That curly-haired guy in the face shield isn’t an Engineering major, he’s their full-time coach? Bobby Cremins would never show up to a game looking like that.

NCAA Basketball: Wake Forest at Georgia Tech Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

I wish cardboard cutouts were around years ago. Instead of fighting a snowstorm to get to the Dome to watch DeShaun Williams ball-hog I could have stayed right at Shifty’s and wrote my game story while enjoying some wings.

I can confirm that Jim Boeheim isn’t deploying cutouts in his zone defense this season even if it appeared that way against Virginia. Guess no one had Sam Hauser’s name on the pre-game scout.

Syracuse made Jay Huff look like the lumberjack version of Ralph Sampson.

Syracuse made Jay Huff look like the American version of Jack Salt

In a couple of weeks Mike Brey will be coaching in his bathrobe and slippers will sipping a Busch Light and watching TVG on his iPad.

Not ideal to be starting the year being told that you’ve been placed in the transfer portal and there’s no going back.

When his career ends there is no reason for Marek Dolezaj to ever spend a time for a slice at any pizza place in town. Make it a law Ben Walsh!

NCAA Basketball: Syracuse at Pittsburgh Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Congrats to all of the legendary Tampa sports fans. You have to be excited for the Hogan family and Dickie V….oh wait he’s here to share a few words. Go ahead Dickie V take us home

“Bucs hosting the Super Bowl it’s gonna be Awesome baby with a capital A. Brady and Mahomes are some PTPers and then you’ve got Winfield, Jr and Edwards-Helaire diaper dandys. My guy Ricky Pitino told me Scotty Miller could have been part of his Unforgettables at Kentucky baby and the General would have loved Tom Brady’s competitive fire. The absolute GOAT just like Mr Air Jordan himself”