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The 10 things to say that will land you in the Jim Boeheim doghouse

Yeah, I know, I know, it’s an old bit. But it works!

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NCAA Basketball: Syracuse at North Carolina Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

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We’ve all seen it: a player on the Syracuse Orange men’s basketball team hits the court for approximately 12 seconds before a dead ball sees them back on the bench getting an earful from Jim Boeheim. If the player is lucky to the see the court again, it’s for incredibly short spurts, and often with Boeheim glaring the entire time.

But how does one end up in the dog house? Thanks to our friends at Homefield Apparel, we have cracked ‘Cuse vault and found the magical list of 10 things a player can say to Jim Boeheim to end up in his doghouse.

10. Not even Otto could have taken up space at the bottom of the zone!

9. You can have enough hoodies.

8. 90’s Syracuse logos look dumb on shirts.

7. Italian food is overrated.

6. Zone is for cowards.

5. Keith Smart was a great player who did lots of great things in 1987.

4. It’s called The Stadium!

3. Vita isn’t even the best NCAA goat mascot.

2. Tell coach that the Script Syracuse looks bad on a quarter zip or a t-shirt.

1. Say that Free Shipping for 24 hours is a dumb promotion that you shouldn’t take advantage of to get the comfiest retro Syracuse gear known to mankind.

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