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Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Podcast: What may not be working for Syracuse basketball

We recorded this one while watching the Virginia game, but don’t focus entirely on that fact.


The Syracuse Orange men’s basketball team played while we recorded last night, so we got to offer some live reactions to that — but also the wider issues for the program, and what may or may not be fixable.

Some of the specific topics of this episode...

  • How can SU develop talent when players don’t feel like they can get a chance?
  • Coach Q vs. expectations: What’s valid criticism and what isn’t?
  • Debating UCLA’s blueblood status
  • Over-using players and a lack of efficiency
  • Could anyone actually do a better job than Hillsman with Syracuse WBB? It’s hard to say
  • Jim Boeheim isn’t the only coach not completely adapted to modern roster management
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