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Troy Nunes Is Absolute Podcast: Syracuse vs. Miami preview

And of course, we recap some of Saturday’s disastrous effort.


The Syracuse Orange men’s basketball team has had a rough couple games, and because we are who we are, a rehash of that disaster vs. Pitt is entirely necessary. There’s a pivot toward what’s next vs. Miami, however, even if it’s colored by some lingering pessimism.

Some of the specific topics of this episode...

  • Issues with the artificially shortened rotation and why Kadary Richmond should start
  • Every time we feel like SU’s dead in the water, they usually reel off five straight wins
  • Positives of the Terry Samuel hire for Orange football
  • A Mets conversation (which took place before Monday’s disgusting Jared Porter news)
  • Syracuse ball movement and shot selection, and where improvement’s required
  • Rebounding and what’s creating these problems
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