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Come join the NunesMagician Discord server!

Head on over for even more conversation about Syracuse

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 19 Syracuse at Pitt Photo by Mark Alberti/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

We’re spicing up Syracuse Orange games with something new for you folks. If you couldn’t get enough of talking to the Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician community, we’re giving you a live chat option and starting up a TNIAAM server over on Discord.

For those unaware of what Discord is, it’s a text/voice chat application where you can join a server to chat with others users for the server. Here’s a good beginner’s guide for those who haven’t used it before. You can either download the app to mobile or desktop, or there is a browser based function as well.

For those interested, the link to join is here:

The idea is to use this to augment the gamethreads as well as general conversation. It’s not a replacement for the comments at all, but more of a live chat to add another level of interaction with you fine lot. It also might help engage more with some of the younger fans out there and continue to grow one of the longest-standing Syracuse fan communities around.

To start, a few channels have been set up, which all seem pretty self explanatory:

  • #general-syracuse
  • #off-topic
  • #tniaam-articles
  • #football and #fb-recruiting
  • #basketball and #hoops-recruiting

The #tniaam-articles channel is a feed of whatever the latest articles posted on the site are. There’s also a voice channel that we may pop in from time to time if people want to chat.

The staff will be around for most games for a chat, so feel free to join us. First game up and running will be Pittsburgh this weekend, but pop in and say hello whenever you get a chance (and if not, we’ll still be here in the comments too).