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A visit to Jim Boeheim, DDS

Make sure you floss after every attempted 3

NCAA Basketball: Georgetown at Syracuse
“Quincy all that candy is not good for your teeth”
Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

Late in Saturday’s Syracuse Orange victory over the Georgetown Hoyas, we saw Marek Dolezaj lose a tooth due to an inadvertent elbow. When James asked Jim Boeheim about it this is what the head coach said he told Marek as he tried to head to the locker room for repairs.

“You just hurt your tooth. You didn’t hurt anything else. Let’s go”

Now we know that Jim never shies away from offering his opinion so we wondered if we could get more dental advice. That request was denied but we imagine it would have gone something like this...

TNIAAM: Coach some people suggest humming a song while you brush your teeth so what would you suggest?

JB, DDS: “First of all those people are idiots because you should get a kitchen timer and use that instead. If you’re humming a song you’re focused on the song and not on the proper brushing rotations as you cover the corners”

TNIAAM: Ok. How about using a water pick instead of flossing?

JB, DDS: “There’s the problem with this generation. Everyone wants to take the quickest path instead of developing their skills. If you don’t learn how to floss how will you handle Kevin Durant in the pick and roll?”

TNIAAM: Ummm... okay, I’ll grant you

JB, DDS: “Yes just like Jerami Grant. You see how well he’s doing for the Detroit Pistons. Imagine if he’d have followed my advice to floss another year”

TNIAAM: Well back to the other night and Marek’s injury. Do you think he’ll need additional work done?

JB, DDS: “He needs to be more aggressive shooting the ball and increase his activity in the middle of the zone”

TNIAAM: We were talking about the tooth. Any dental work?

JB, DDS: glares

TNIAAM: No crown or anything?

JB, DDS: “It’s a tooth. He lost it. We grabbed it for him and I told him put it under your pillow and maybe the Tooth Fairy will give you some pizza money. Look I’ve got two root canals to finish before we head to Chapel Hill so this interview is over.”


There you have it folks. Maybe next we’ll get some tax advice or tips on refinishing that old dresser in your basement.