Build a Syracuse team using 1919-1920 rules

The rules of college basketball have changed dramatically over the years. In many ways the game we play today is very different from the game Dr. James Naismith invented in 1892. The game did not suddenly change, but rather slowly evolved over time.

These were some of the rules differing from today for college basketball in the 1919-1920 season:

  • Any player on the court can take the free throw, not just the player who was fouled
  • There was no charging foul
  • There was a jump ball after every made basket
  • There is no shot clock, nor no 10 second mid-court violation
  • There is no three second lane violation
  • A player may not re-enter the game
  • Coaches are not permitted to speak to players during the game
  • A jump ball exists after every held ball
  • There is no three point basket
  • Traveling is a foul, not just a violation
  • Players are disqualified after 4 fouls
  • No Euro-step is permitted
Given these are the rules, what would be your all-time Syracuse squad to play in those conditions? Who are your starting five, and who are on your bench (we'll stick to 13 man roster if you want to have the complete roster).

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