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Homefield Apparel launches Syracuse Orange Collection on #BigNunesSaturday


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The following is part of a paid agreement with Homefield Apparel.

There are few things that unite all Syracuse Orange fans, regardless of the current tide of emotions. Hating Georgetown. Laughing at UConn not being in the ACC. Comfy t-shirts with Syracuse logos.

I know there are no shortage of options for ‘Cuse gear, but our new friends at Homefield Apparel went “How can we make amazing throwback ‘Cuse gear?” and thanks to ‘Cuse and some amazing work on their end, Homefield did it!

Here’s the deal: Homefield Apparel makes some of the comfiest clothing you’ll find. Period. If you want that comfy clothing to also show off your love for all things Orange, today is you lucky day: Homefield has launched Syracuse TODAY as part of their Big Noon Saturday schedule, and we’re Nunes-ifying it. Head over to their site and use the code BIGNUNES for 20% off your entire order today only!

Need more reasons to buy your next favorite ‘Cuse top? Well Homefield is running a Big Noon rankings poll based on Saturday sales, and as you can see, the top 3 are all old Big East “rivals,” that ‘Cuse has dominated on both the gridiron and court. Let’s dominate them in Homefield Sales as well.

Remember, use code BIGNUNES for 20% off, and GO ORANGE!