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Recommending additions to Syracuse’s new Ring of Honor

These deserving individuals should be added right away

NCAA Football: Georgia Tech at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

A previously unannounced addition to the Syracuse Orange’s home Stadium renovation list was the inclusion of a “Ring of Honor” in the area above the 100 level. When it was reported on Saturday that the names of Jim Boeheim, Jim Brown, Ernie Davis, Floyd Little and Dwayne “Pearl’ Washington no one questioned the inclusion of these legends.

Brent Axe from called upon SU to honor a female athlete, which would be a first in the Dome Stadium, but Syracuse should look to extend the recognition to a group of deserving individuals this year. This is an opportunity for Syracuse to think beyond football and men’s basketball when using Dave Bing, Roy Simmons, Jr., Doris Soladay, Katherine Switzer, Gene Mills and Wilmeth Sidat-Singh would easy selections for inclusion in this new Ring of Honor.

Syracuse University Orange Men’s Basketball

This group would add Syracuse’s greatest men’s basketball player, most successful coach, most decorated amateur athlete and three individuals who broke barriers. It would start the path for Syracuse to honor other athletes and coaches from across all sports. With the amount spent in renovations it makes sense to make the Stadium the place where the the history of Syracuse athletics is told and that history is more than what is currently displayed.

There are lots of other future additions to be considered but the six individuals I’m recommending should be at the top of the list. Apologies to Billy Joel, you’re going to have to wait in your corner until that breeze blows in....

Who would you like to see included in Syracuse’s Ring of Honor?